Sing No Evil – A Behind the Scenes Playlist

Following our interview, I am delighted to present a behind-the scenes playlist for Sing No Evil. I asked him to narrow down the Spotify playlist from 10 hours to 10 songs, and provide some commentary. Here’s what he had to say:

Yeah, this is a tough one, but here’s a few songs that will explain some of the ideology behind Sing No Evil or the sound of Perkeros.
1. Simon & Garfunkel –  Sound of Silence
Many of the songs or references have an actual meaning in the story, and Sound of Silence is no option. KP and I sought to make a story that will work on it’s own, but there’ll be way more to explore, if the reader is willing to plough through brain chemistry, song lyrics and whatnot.
2. The End of the Ocean – We Always Think There Is Going To Be More Time…
This song is one of the most beautiful songs I know. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it evokes this feeling of bypassing, frail beauty which one tries so desperately to grasp hold of. I’m a big sucker for this kind of stuff.
3. Tool – Lateralus

“Ride the spiral to the end.” Need I say more? It’s difficult to pinpoint any specific song from the band, as I feel it’s more about sharing the same ideology and approach. There are numerous references to Tool in the book, and if you begin ploughing through material about DMT, the pineal gland and the “third eye”, I think you’d find some other pretty cool links between elements in the book. I’m already saying too much…

4. Opeth – Ghost of Perdition
We discussed Opeth on Skype (Not included in the published interview, but we discussed their move from a heavy sound to a more folk sound – Robin), and as I stated, I’m totally fine with the band going in whichever direction they feel the urge to go. I’ll love them to bits anyhow. Still, I need to say my heart is with the older stuff, especially the Ghost Reveries record, which was one of the MAIN influences back when we began playing around with the comic in the first place. Opeth’s music, the contrast between beauty and aggressiveness, clean and growling vocals, acoustic and distorted guitars, etc, is pretty much what we aim to do with Sing No Evil. We’re boldly mixing elements from relationship comics to action, humour with horror, reality with fantasy, etc. We’re just doing our own thing, creating the book we would’ve wanted to read back in the day, and hoping other’s will enjoy the same approach.
5. Porcupine Tree – Anesthetisize
Once again, almost impossible to pick one song. For some reason it’s this now, but if you ask me again tomorrow, I’d choose something different. Porcupine Tree’s range is amazing.
6. Pain of Salvation – Inside
One Hour By The Concrete Lake was the first Pain of Salvation album I came across, and I was immediately hooked. I had to pick this song, simply because it holds such a dear spot in my heart. Having Aydin throw a Pain of Salvation song at the audition is a clear reference that he has the same vocal range as Daniel Gildenlöw.
7. Jean Sibelius – Pohjolan tytär
Once again, a composer whose history and approach to music has a big role in the story and book.
8. Caspian – Procellous
There is something strangely appealing to how this particular piece begins and progresses to something huge. I chose this here because it was one of the tracks KP picked for the Perkeros playlist, and I was ashamed I hadn’t thought of including it in the first place!
9. Kimmo Pohjonen – Uniko: II. Plasma
Another Finnish composer who I really look up to. A musical genius who demonstrates the instrument shouldn’t restrict your expression.
10. Pure Reason Revolution – Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg is in the story for a reason, too, but I’m not breathing a word. The reader’s will need to figure it out!


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