Night Post Soundtrack

When I launched the blog, I asked the contributing artist’s if they had any mixtapes/playlists/soundtracks to accompany their own work. This is what Laura Trinder, artist behind the Florence & the Machine cover had to say:

What a great idea! I’ve been intrigued by this ever since Tim Maytom’s great article to kick off this blog series, where I heard of 8tracks for the first time. If you haven’t checked this out yet by the way, you should, there’s a playlist for almost anything you can think of! Anyway, I jumped at the idea of creating one for Night Post.
This is just a bit of fun really, I didn’t have anything particular in mind when drawing Night Post and there’s nothing specifically referenced within the book. I did however listen to certain music or films while working, to get me into the right sort of mood. This mainly just involved avoiding anything too serious, violent or adult, I wanted to keep an all-ages atmosphere going while working. Some of these are mixed in with this soundtrack, the rest are tracks I’ve thought of afterwards.

This is a bit of an odd playlist. It combines twinkly, orchestral bits and bobs with songs which don’t really cohesively fit together, but each relate to the book in their own way. Well, to me they do anyway.


1. Night Post Trailer – Jonathan Fletcher

Night Post is lucky enough to have a custom score, so I just had to start with this! Jonathan composed this piece of music specifically for our book trailer.

2. End credits, Coraline Soundtrack – Bruno Coulais & The Children’s Choir of Nice

This immediately sprang to mind when thinking of this playlist. I can visualise so many different elements of the book in this piece. The scuttling of little uniform-clad postal rats, the autumn leaves carried on a gust of wind, the ghost twins.

3. Room of Requirement – Nicholas Hooper

I think I listened to quite a bit of Harry Potter music while working on this, it helped me get into the right frame of mind. I thought it would be difficult to pick one, but while trying to single out a particular theme from this immense body of music, this piece came to the front of my mind. It’s the theme that starts at 1:30, it just sums up the magical elements of Night Post for me.

4. If I Had a Heart – Fever Ray

I love Fever Ray. I’ve put this in to represent some of the spookier parts of the book. Jenny Greenteeth emerging from the swampy pond fits pretty well.

5. Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

For all the living dead girls in the book. Especially my favourite, card-playing lady.

6. Ghost Town – The Specials

One for the postie. I can imagine him casually cycling through the empty moonlit streets to this.

Night Post is out now from Improper Books.


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