Liner Notes

photo 1

Time to say thank you.

First and foremost, to Robert, Chris, Dean, Andy, Andrew, Laura, Kate, Isaac, Clayton, Emily, Declan, Marc, Christian & Stephanie for their amazing work on their pieces. I wanted you involved because I’m a fan of every single one of you, and you delivered better than I could have ever hoped for. This literally wouldn’t exist without you, & I am eternally grateful. (I implore everyone to check out their work outside this exhibition!)

photo 5

Adlai for being a great friend, letting Becky drag you down a day early (and to Becky for being the best/worst influence), and helping set up the exhibition while I ran around like a headless chicken.

To th’sheridans & Colour Me Wednesday for providing the musical entertainment for the launch evening: thank you for giving up your Friday night for us!

photo 2

To everyone that attended the launch night, for coming out and showing support, and buying prints.

Every single person who has tweeted, retweeted, favourite, liked, shared any post I’ve made about the exhibition: your signal boosts have been a great help.

photo 4

To all the shops that allowed me to drop flyers in, and to the customers who picked them up.

To the lovely staff or Orbital, for allowing me the space and time to host this exhibition in the store. To Karl for his encouragement from the beginning, Tom for his help with scanning and Camila for designing the exhibition poster.

photo 5

To my wonderful & patient flatmates Tim & Sharri for living with a ghost for the past few months.

To Print Space for providing the printing of the exhibition pieces.

photo 3

To Tim, Alex, Sam, JP, Adam, Mike, Tony & all who have taken the time to be interviewed, interview, or write for the blog, or write about the show.

To my colleagues & everyone who had to listen to me going on about this for the last year.


To be friends for constantly redefining the meaning of the word for the better, for their support, guidance, love & ears.

To my family. I love you all.

To everyone else I’ve neglected to mention, I’m sorry, but thank you too!

photo 1


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