Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials by Laura Trinder



When did you first hear this album, and what were your first impressions?

I can’t really remember when, about 3ish years ago? I do remember being a tad disappointed. I’d quite enjoyed her first album, most of the songs packed a bit of punch (Kiss with a Fist being a rather literal example) or were something you could satisfyingly belt out to your heart’s content while on a motorway (Chris Wildgoose has been subjected to my drive time rendition of her You’ve Got the Love cover too many times to mention). However this seemed all floaty and ethereal (nothing wrong with that!) but with nothing jiggly to break it up. The tracks came into their own after a few listens and I really warmed to it.

Why did you choose this album?

I’ve always found Florence herself to be visually interesting. She reminds me of those beautifully painted pre-raphaelite women, with their trend for red hair, floaty clothes and (sorry Flo) characteristically rather masculine jawlines. There’s something about her that I just wanted to draw.


My very first thought was to draw her as Ophelia. I know nothing of her Shakespearian character but Millais and Waterhouse’s depictions of Ophelia are some of my all time favourite paintings. I wouldn’t normally settle with my first idea, but when I realised how well it fit with this album’s obsession with water and drowning it seemed a pretty good fit.

If you had to suggest one track from it, which would it be (and why?)

Probably What the Water Gave Me. It’s the one which fits best with my cover!


What is your favourite cover version?

Oh there’s just something really satisfying about a good cover version! I’ve taken to listening to Radio 1’s Live Lounge while working sometimes, purely for the odd variety of covers. It’s hard to pick a favourite. I have really fond memories of Faith No More’s Easy. I also feel like, considering the subject matter, I can’t leave out Florence and the Machine’s one-time-only cover of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain at Glasto a few years back. Love that song! My current favourite though has got to be Lake Street Dive’s I Want You Back.


What is your own personal theme song?

Ha! This is surprisingly difficult. I couldn’t think of one so I asked my partner in crime. We realised we’d had this conversation before and he’d decided on Wish You Were Here by Incubus. I’m pretty happy with this choice, I just love that whole album. It reminds me of going on family holidays as a teenager, armed with my silver discman.


If the album you chose was to soundtrack a comic, what would it be?

I have no idea, not one that I’ve read anyway! It would be something with the devil, ghosts, dream sequences and everyone would drown at the end. Any ideas?



You can buy the print here, or find out Laura’s work here, and Florence & the Machine here.


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