Deftones – Around the Fur by Chris Wildgoose



When did you first hear this album, and what were your first impressions?

I think I was about 14 or 15 and a friend told me about them and lent me his copy. The same friend sold me his Deftones hoody because back then you proved your love for a metal band by wearing their hoodies no matter how bootleg they were.
So when I’d first heard the album I think it was one of those ones that just fit into my music tastes exactly. I loved the strange weird and, at times, sexy lyrics: Chino can switch from screaming them at you to softly, dragging out lines that just go right through me – the opening of My Own Summer with that guitar riff is just pounding. To me it sounds like he has the guitar melting into a distortion pedal. The drums just have that funky, tricky beat but still packs a hell of a punch and when the bass kicks in mid way through the chorus it just carries you into the rhythm.
They keep that melting vibe through the whole album. The title track Around The Fur is just simply hot.

Oh and about a year after having the album I had my mind blown by accidentally finding the hidden track about 30 minutes after the final song. Nothing better than a musical easter egg!

Initial Concept Sketch

Initial Concept Sketch

Why did you choose this album?

It’s the album that instantly sends me back to being an angst ridden teenager. I have so many memories around this album of getting up to no good, the summers of those years and just general hanging out with my friends.

ATF - V1 Pencils2

If you had to suggest one track, which would it be?

Man this is hard. If I whittle it down I’d say it’s a close tie between My Own Summer and Be Quiet And Drive. If I’m to suggest a song to someone else who maybe has never heard them before, or is outside of the metal scene then Be Quiet And Drive would likely be the one as it’s somewhat softer, but has everything (for me), that Deftones is about. That heavy but laced with melody sound.

What is your favourite album cover?
I love, love, love the White Zombie La Sexorcisto album cover. that has such good colours and the band look totally badass.

ATF - Thumbnail

What is your favourite cover version?

I really love Faith No More’s ‘This town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us’ That is a perfect song for Faith to cover as it’s their kind of strange but fun. Also I think the Sparks vocalist sings on it too.
Deftones do a cover of Lynyrd Skynrd’s ‘Simple Man’ and it is just a thing of beauty.

ATF - Pencils

What is your personal theme song?

Oh I don’t know, I might have to actually say Deftones: Be Quiet And Drive. I really do love that song if you haven’t guessed but I think if you heard that it might give you a good idea.
Though If you ask anyone else they’d probably say it’s The Gonk….
ATF - Inks

If this album was to soundtrack a comic, what would it be?

Hurm… See the lyrics can be quite strange and sexual but usually always dark. Maybe Hellblazer. That would need a soundtrack that has some beat and punch to it, but able to slip in and out of it’s moods, so yeah: Hellblazer!



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